Barnes County Parks

Clausen Springs road resurfacing project starts Tuesday July 5th. Park will remain open during project. Please Stay Out Of Wet Areas. Call if you have questions.

Our reservation system is completely online. In order to reserve a site go to the reservation page for the park you are interested in; either Clausen Springs or Little Yellowstone.

Barnes County Park Board 
Term Expires
Bobby Koepplin, Chair 230 15th St NE Valley City,  ND 58072 701-840-0250  12/31/2022
Dallas Dockter 332 13th St NE Valley City,  ND 58072 701-361-2636 12/31/2022
Pete Paulson 2743 River Road Valley City   ND 58072 701-490-0524
Bill Carlblom, Vice Chair 3557 Sheyenne Circle Valley City   ND 58072 701-840-0763
Shawn Olauson 12538 41st St SE Valley City, ND 58072 701-490-8696
Beth Didier (Sec) 230 4th St NW, Rm 202 Valley City,  ND 58072 701-845-8500
Debbie Magnuson (Treas) 230 4th St NW, Rm 203 Valley City,  ND 58072 701-845-8505
Scott Kohler (Manager) 710 7th St Litchville, ND 58461 701-760-0051
Scott Tichy 212 Broadway Tower City, ND 58071 701-749-2609 12/31/2024
Tyler Jacobson 733 8th Ave SW Valley City, ND 58072 701-840-2711 12/31/2023
Park Shop  701-762-4450