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Mission Statement:

      Noxious weeds cost North Dakota millions of dollars annually. In addition to the direct damage to crops and forage, noxious weeds adversely affect rural and urban land values, tax revenues, recreational opportunities and wildlife habitat. The mission of the Barnes County Weed Control Board is to control or eradicate noxious weeds on public land through the use of chemicals and biological agents. We will also educate the public on the need for weed control and assist landowners in the control of noxious weeds on private land through the provision of chemicals and insects as appropriate.

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Listing of common weeds with pictures in Barnes County

Weed Control Officer:

      James McAllister
      1525 12th St. NW
      Valley City, ND 58072
      Ph. 701-845-0240   Cell 840-1473
      Click here to e-mail Jim



   Pat Hansen
   1146 2nd St. SE
   Valley City, ND 58072
   PH. 701-845-4300(W) 701-845-5074 (H)