Social Services

Mission: Strengthen and empower individuals and families by providing the tools and services necessary to improve their quality of life.

Barnes County Social Services provides the following services:

Child protection

Family foster care

Parent aide

In home case management

Daycare licensing and registration

Children’s special health

Aged/Disabled home and community based adult protection

Information and Referral

Economic assistance (SNAP, Medicaid, Child care assistance, and TANF)

General assistance and permanency funds


What are permanency funds?

These are funds available to families with children at risk of out of home placement, homelessness, or other emergency situations. One of the social worker’s can visit with you about your needs and eligibility for these funds.

Who can I file a report of child abuse or neglect with?

You may file a report of suspected child abuse or neglect with any of our social workers at 701-845-8521. They will ask you specific questions about the child, parents, person causing the abuse or neglect, home environment and other areas. Be as specific and clear as possible. Please call local law enforcmeent at 845-8181 if you can not reach us.

Will the person causing the abuse or neglect find out I reported them?

No, unless a judge orders the social worker to reveal the name of the reporter while in court or unless you have given the social worker permission to tell them.

What are home and community based services?

Please call 845-8521 and you will be directed to a worker.

What economic assistance programs am I eligible for?

Please come in to room 103 or call 701-845-8521 to set up an appointment to meet with an intake worker. Only economic assistance case managers can answer your questions about eligibility for food stamps, medical assistance, etc.

How can I become a foster parent?

Please call Lisa Bayley-Neurauter about becoming a foster parent in Barnes County. Call 845-8521 for more information

How can I become a licensed or self-declared child care provider?

Please call Dana Lindemann about becoming a licensed or self-declared child care provider in Barnes County. Call 845-8521 for more information.

Interim Director: Val Burchill
Chairman: Tom Overn

230 4th St. NW, Room 103
Valley City, ND 58072
701-845-8521 Fax 701-845-4281
Economic Assistance Staff
Carolyn Schlenvogt
Cindy Unger
Dirinda Jewett
Cathy Metzger
Gwen Coit
Kim Sandbothe
Monique Miller-Francis
Theresa Benson
Child Welfare Staff
Lisa Bayley-Neurauter
Heather Alberty-Schaffer
Stephanie Morse
Allison Swenson
Dana Lindemann
Other Support Staff
Office Assistants:
Becky Compson
Eloise Olson

Home and Community Based Social Worker:
Mary Johnson

Human Service Aide:
Jill Pederson

In Home Care Specialist:
Diane Fritchie