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State's Attorney's Office
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Location: 3rd Floor Barnes County Court House

State's Attorney Carl Martineck
Assistant State's Attorney Tonya Duffy
Administrative Assistant Linda W.

Mission Statement:
To promote justice, public safety and effective government through the prosecution of crime, the protection of those in need, and representation of Barnes County.

Phone Number: 701-845-8526

Fax Number: 701-845-8543

The States Attorney Office is responsible for the prosecution of felony and misdemeanor crimes in Barnes County with the exception for some city misdemeanors. The office is also responsible for involuntary mental health commitments.

A common misconception of this office is that the States Attorney is the "free" county attorney meaning that the attorneys can give out free legal advice. This is not true. The State's Attorney can not give out legal advice on civil matters such as divorce, landlord-tenant cases, estates, and monetary disputes just to name a few.

Frequently Asked Questions about the State's Attorney

Barnes County has contracted with the cities of Fingal, Kathryn, Litchville, Nome, Oriska, Sanborn and Wimbeldon to provide criminal prosecution services. The cities of Dazey, Hastings, Leal, Pillsbury, Rogers and Sibley operate independently.

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